Youth Act Now!

I just supported Youth Act Now! on @ThunderclapIt

Too afraid to risk, to get hurt, and to fall in love. Why does he need to think about these things? Is it really necessary to think before you do something like to love someone? What if after all these things you’ve been holding into yourself, there’s someone out there waiting for you to overcome them? What if you both have that same feelings and fears? There are so many questions for these. How would you handle on answering all of them? What if you just face it and let the consequences be there? Sometimes, you just have to be brave and stand to what you think will be better. Yes, it can be better if you don’t try to overcome and let these things off your mind; but it might be a lot better if you tried. There’s no harm in trying as they always say. Risk on something; forget the hurt that might be there. Fall in love.